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SM Career Coaching

SM Boot Camp is excited to announce our brand new Career Coaching service!
Have you ever wanted to attend SM Boot Camp, but haven't had a week to spare or lived far away? Are you looking for work and need some guidance in resume writing and interview preparation?
With SM Career Coaching, you get one-on-one coaching with Anne. She will work with you at your own pace via in-person meetings or video conferencing. You can choose to go through the entire SM Boot Camp Curriculum or focus on specific areas where you want to improve your skills.

Photo: Pamela Spee

Benefits of one-on-one coaching:

  • Personalized sessions, geared specifically to your needs

  • Set your own schedule. Session times are flexible.

  • Choose a few hours or long-term coaching.

  • Mentorship through difficult situations.

  • Create a plan and set goals for your career


                 15 min call  = Free     

                 30 minutes  = $30    

                 1 hour = $50


Photo: Aviona Rodriguez Brown

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